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wewould like to thank you all for following us in our Quest for the truth. The first number was a succes an now it is time to introduce you to the second english issue of our Swedish digital magazine Veritas Arcana. In this second issue we will discuss the pagan Yule, the winter solstice and the true origin, and symbolic meaning, of Christmas. Also we will discuss the celebration of the roman Saturnalia, days dedicated to the god Saturn. Homer’s secret, an extraordinary study reveals the Nordic origins of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Now we will investigate the epic wars and the heroes of the great battle of Troy. “Wow!” Signal, echoes from deep space. A strange and unique sound was catched only for a few seconds. Are we alone in the universe? Maybe not... Plantalampara, light is alive! An innovative project can help people to create light from plants in remote areas of the peruvian forest. Externstein, is a sacred place in Germany, and is a natural formation that has been altered by humans. The site was very important both for pagans and christians, what is it’s secret? Basil, the history of an important spice in ancient world, a story full of symbolic meanings and legends from Greek to India. Arcane Symphony, arise and shine... discover with us this symphonic metal band in our long interview with Volodina Anna (vocals) and the members of the band. We hope to have stimulated your appetite for research and just one last question: do you know that the Egyptians invented the marshmallows? The adventure begins, enjoy the reading! Per aspera ad astra .

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