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We are excited to introduce you to the first english issue of our Swedish digital magazine Veritas Arcana. I am Massimo Bonasorte, Italian journalist, after directing several archeological and historical Italian magazines I decided, together with Rosemarie Ernetorp, Swedish Art director, to accept new challenges. That’s how the idea of creating Veritas Arcana was born. My degree in Semitic Epigraphy, my years of experience in journalism, the love for archeology and the passion for science have allowed me to investigate the past, but most importantly to discover how many mysteries hide within the story of mankind. In this first issue of Veritas Arcana we will discuss the legendary Sunstone, a crystal used by the Vikings as a compass to navigate the hostile waters of the North Sea and beyond… perhaps they discovered the coasts of Canada with the Sunstone? The Bloop, an unusual sound rises from the depths of the sea and scientists, to this day, still have not been able to understand its source. It is perhaps the proof of a sea monster or a secret military experiment, what we know is that whatever it was, it’s still down there… 

Space Junk, the problem of spatial debris becomes increasingly important and is likely to threaten future space missions. How can we clean the universe from the dangerous fragments that orbit around our planet?

Homer’s secret, an extraordinary study reveals the Nordic origins of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Is the city of Troy really in Finland and was Ulysses Swedish? We have to rewrite ancient history. 

The Voynich Code, a book nobody can decipher. For some it is just the result of fantasy, a fake, but for many others scholars a secret knowledge is hidden in the Voynich Code, but what is it? 

We hope to have stimulated your appetite for research. We are always open to suggestions but also to all the criticisms you want to make us, we will use the stimulus to improve issue by issue. 

The adventure begins, enjoy the reading! 

Per aspera ad astra ...

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